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Welcome to Samana+

Samana+ provides a range of holistic health and wellness services to the Bay Area community and beyond. We leverage classic healing modalities and make them accessible to a modern clientele. Our mission is to make these services available to all.

Our Healing Arts Center is a respite from the city and hosts a passionate collective of Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Artists and Activists.

Explore out core offerings below and engage with community through our weekly and special events. Many of our programs are donation-based and we welcome people of all experience levels. You are welcome here.

We've moved from Temescal but are still offering great programs and services in Oakland and San Francisco! Upcoming events include:

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3,000 Years of R&D. Modern Applications. Samana+ Ayurvedic programs are rooted in deep tradition, but are designed for a 21st Century client-base. We offer systematic solutions to short-term and chronic conditions. Relax, Revive and become Empowered with Ayurveda.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultations

Take control of your health with Ayurveda. Consultations provide relief from short-term and chronic issues and empower you to live a better life.

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Urban Reset Community Cleanse

Our most popular program. A tune-up for your body and mind. Also good for chronic conditions such as allergies.

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Sound Healing

Immersive non-touch ‘massage’ techniques using Quartz Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Voice, Tuning Forks, & Digital Frequencies. Sound Healing is effective for a range of short-term & long-term health & wellness concerns.

Private Consultations

Private sessions designed for deep relaxation, transformation, physical ailments and more.

Group Classes

The last Sunday of Each Month at Bliss Health in Temescal and Urban Roots in Downtown Oakland.

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Private Group Events

Offsite Sound Baths for small-to-mid size groups. Relax, recharge and inspire your group or organization!

Workshops and Special Events

Check out of schedule for ongoing and special events in meditation, hound healing and more. Location varies.

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