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Experience The Power of Ayurveda.

Do you have allergies, bloating or heartburn? Do you feel sluggish during the day or perhaps just ‘out of balance’?

Are you having a hard time breaking poor eating & drinking habits?

From the Ayurvedic perspective many of these ailments are often rooted in your digestive system and can be corrected without expensive treatments or medications.  

Our Urban Reset™ Mono-Diet Tune-Up is designed to re-calibrate your digestive system and help your body heal itself. The program will also provide the tools and training to help you achieve optimal long-term health and wellness.


Past clients have experienced allergy elimination, indigestion/heartburn elimination, weight loss, reduced arthritis symptoms and much more. Many have also overcome chronic caffeine, sugar or other addictions.

You can take control of your health and well-being – our customers have proven it!

If you’ve ever considered a ‘cleanse’ and thought they were too hard, the Urban Reset can be a good match for you.  During the Reset you get to eat and you’ll get as much support as you need.  Detoxifying and re-calibrating can be gentle and achievable – even if you have a busy schedule or have never cleansed before.

How It Works

Community & Support

You'll start the Reset with an in-depth orientation we'll you'll meet other like-minded participants. Throughout the cleanse you'll have support from our expert Ayurvedic practitioner and inspiration from our group forums. No need to cleanse alone! Many of our participants still stay in touch with each other.

Mono-Diet & Herbal Formulas: 7 Days

This is the core of the Reset. You'll be eating a custom-spiced mung dahl and rice (Kicheri) dish for 7 days. The mono-diet allows your digestions to 'take a break' and re-calibrate itself - without the uncomfortable deprivation of juice and water cleanses. You'll also receive specially designed Ayurvedic digestion and detoxification herbs to accelerate the re-calibration process.

Reintegration: 2 to 7 Days.

In the Reintegration you methodically reintroduce other foods back into your diet. This process helps you learn how certain foods may impact you. You'll also have had your taste buds reset - so it is often like eating food for the first time again. Knowledge is power - and the Reintegration gives you the knowledge to know what food work for you and when.

Long-Term Results

The Urban Reset is designed to cleanse your body but is also meant to educate you on better eating and living habits. We call it the Reset for a reason - people have an opportunity to discard, create and refine existing patterns of eating. The Reset is not a fad diet - it is foundational.

The Kit

Your supplies for the mono-diet and beyond.


Our classic Kicheri kit. Everything you need except for a vegetable - which you choose. The Kicheri is easy to prepare and takes less then 30 minutes. You only need to cook once a day. You'll get:

Mung Dahl (Yellow Indian Lentils)

Basmati Rice

Organic Ghee (Vegan option available upon request.)

Organic Spice Mix

Organic Chayuwamprash (Ayurvedic superfood.)

Two herbal formulas designed to turn up your digestive fire and accelerate the detoxification of the liver, kidneys and colon*.

3 Week Supply of Both Formulas

Created for the Urban Reset by Ayurvedic Detox (Pancha Karma) specialist Malcolm McQuirter

Sustainably-Sourced From An Expert Herbalist In Grass Valley, CA


Items to help you further enhance the detoxification and rejuvenation processes. Including:

Tongue Cleaner and Instruction Manual

Ayurvedic Self-Massage Techniques

A Journal For Notetaking and Reflection

$20 off any Ayurvedic Body Treatment or Sound Healing Session (Valid During Reset)

Pill Cases For When You're On The Go.

Samana+ offers both individual and group support to help with any challenges, ask questions and stay inspired. Support includes:

Two Group Meetings (In Person or Video)

Phone / Email Access to Samana+ Staff (During business hours.)

On Online Group Support Forum

Access To Tips and More Information On Ayurveda

Success Stories

John L.
San Francisco

The Reset was chance to step back from habit and routine and be more conscious about what I eat, how I prepare it and how it factors into my life. I feel more connected to real food and less dependent on food as a way to get through the day (aside from genuine appetite). The Reset gave me the space to go beyond the food, too, and claim time for calm, and for myself

Judy P.
San Francisco

I was a bit apprehensive about starting a one week cleanse, especially during a hectic time in my life. My experience with other cleanses have not been that successful. I'm usually hungry and end up bailing after a few days. My experience on the Urban Reset couldn't have been more different. First and foremost, I was never hungry! The support provided by Malcolm and Eric made all the difference in the experience. I loved getting the morning messages as to what to expect for the day and any changes I might be experiencing. My cravings for refined sugar have disappeared, my head is clear and I lost 7.5 pounds on top of it all. Thank you both. I'll be back for the fall cleanse.

Sarah C.

Samana+ understands the busy, urban lifestyle and has created a cleanse that can work for you no matter how busy you are. It's an accessible way to give yourself and your body a break without going hungry, when other cleanses might be much harder to handle with a demanding professional life.

This is Liz!
Liz C.
San Francisco

For the past 15 years I have been regularly hit with waves of severe, not-so-seasonal allergies--dust, grasses, mold- -that were only mildly alleviated by over-the-counter medications.Two months before my wedding I had the worst allergy attack of my life during a site visit at our outdoor location. I immediately found Samana and began the Reset diet. I am so happy to report that my allergies COMPLETELY disappeared. Immediately. 15 year of allergies and for 6 months now I have been completely and consistently allergy-free, deeply breathing through my nose all the time! Windy days don't bother me and I can play outside as much as I like with no allergy symptoms. None. Doing the Reset diet has really changed my life. Not only did I immediately feel healthier, calmer, clearer, but I also learned to understand my digestion and what my body needs to stay in balance. The Reset diet is something I will happily turn to for the rest of my life. I don't always eat as well as I should, but at least now I know how to quickly get back on track.

More testimonials can be found on our informational video. We are thankful for the SF Digital Film School’s work on this project!


You asked and we’ve listened! We now offer flexible start dates. Simply choose an orientation date, then you can decide when you need to start. You’ll still get our professional support and group motivation! (Remote participants should allow a week to receive the kit after payment.)

We also host group cleanses. If you want to Reset with more than two people (e.g. work friends, etc.) please contact us using the form below.

More Information

If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ for more information or contact us below.  You  may also request a call with Samana+ staff or past Urban Reset participants to learn more. (Many of our Reset Alumni have offered to share their experiences with new participants.)  Please make a request using the contact form.  We look forward to speaking with you!


  • Urban Reset Local

  • $300

    • Pick up kit at Oakland or San Francisco.
    • Orientation in Person or Video.
    • Includes all supplies except a vegetable.
    • Book with a friend and save $15 each! (Option at checkout)
  • Urban Reset Remote

  • $325

    • Kit shipped to US locations.
    • Includes everything except vegetable.
    • Attend orientation via video or phone conference.
    • Book with a friend and save $15 each! (Option at checkout)
  • Urban Reset Premium

  • $600

    • Urban Reset program.
    • Marma and Suedna body treatments.
    • Private consultation with an Ayurvedic Practitioner.
    • Custom Reintegration plan.


We now offer self-selected start times. Below you'll choose an orientation that best fits your schedule. We offer ongoing professional and group support throughout your experience. Don't worry if you have change the start date. We are flexible. If you are having your kit shipped, it usually takes about 3-6 days to receive it. (You can do the orientation before receiving the kit if you'd like.)

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