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Immersive non-touch ‘massage’ techniques using Quartz Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Voice, Tuning Forks, & Digital Frequencies. Sound Healing is effective for a range of short-term & long-term health & wellness concerns. I offer individual, couples and group sessions tailored to your specific needs.


Sound Healing is a powerful medium because it affects more than just your ears. Your whole body will respond to the techniques.   The combination of singing bowls, voice and other tones creates a relaxing, energizing and often blissful environment to relax, recharge and heal.

The Sound Healing Session lasts for one hour.  When you arrive we’ll take a few moments to settle. I’ll then ask you some high level questions about stress levels, etc.  You’ll then relax on a massage table and let the journey begin.

Each session is unique and is based on your particular goals.   Please see my areas of focus in the offerings section below. If are not sure what type of session you need, please contact me and we can determine the best type of session for you.

Check out my recent interview on KALW. You’ll get a chance to hear some of the instruments.
Check out my recent interview on KALW. You’ll get a chance to hear some of the instruments.

Private Sessions

  • Energize

  • $75.00

    • Designed to help Depression and Fatigue
    • Lay on the table and let the energizing tones/vibrations envelope you.
    • Can keep you energized for the day (or more!)
    • Can help alleviate muscle tension and pain. (Even chronic.)
    • You’ll get tips for cultivating energy anywhere
  • Book
  • Pure Relaxation

  • $75.00

    • Designed for Relaxation and Restoration
    • Lay on the table and let the calming tones/vibrations envelope you.
    • Can keep you calm for the day (or more!)
    • Can help alleviate muscle tension and pain. (Even chronic.)
    • You’ll get tips for stress reduction anywhere
  • Book
  • Partners Session

  • 125.00

    • Enjoy a relaxing sound bath for relaxation and rejuvenation.
    • Tone the feeling of love and gratitude onto your partner. (Optional)
    • Set intentions for your relationship or friendship. (Optional.)


  • Book
  • Transformation Sessions

  • $140.00

    • We’ll use sound to help you overcome fears or emotions that don’t serve you.
    • Then we will set intentions for emotions that will serve you.
    • You’ll learn tips to find your voice and ask for what you want.
    • This is a good program if you are going through a life change, or are ready for one!
    • This is a two session program.  (We will meet twice.)
  • Book

Group Events

I offer special Sound Healing events both @ Samana+ and Offsite.  Come in for one of our group events or schedule a Sound Healing at a special event, such as a Wedding or Retreat.

To learn more please contact me below.

Also check out our Sound Healing Meetup with 900+ members and counting!

I am very grateful to be able to share my Sound Healing tools with others.


Illana L.

When I tried Sound Therapy for the first time, I didn't really know what to expect, but within minutes, I was transported to a different place, completely physically and mentally relaxed. Even when my mind started to wander, Eric used a variety of techniques that kept me relaxed the whole time. He took time before the session started to understand what was going on in my life and body (injuries, etc), and provided sound therapy accordingly to help me relax. I would definitely do this again!

Stephanie C.

I was curious about sound therapy because my mind tends to rattle about with all kinds of thoughts making it difficult for me to concentrate. Eric made me feel comfortable and relaxed, yet prepared for the sounds and varying volumes of the session. In the midst of them there were times when I felt more calm and comforted than I can remember. It was fascinating to feel my hands, mind, and heart become activated by the tuning forks along with the sensation of deep relaxation. The session was a welcome release of tension that cleared my mind for days. I've been back several times and readily recommend it!

testimonial 7
David S.
San Francisco

I spent an hour with Eric receiving sound Therapy. I met Eric at his space which was very comfortable and warm, immediately helping me feel safe to go on this adventure. Eric as well went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and, brought me into the process with both a down to earth attitude and also a mindful, soulful mood that staged the process. Once the therapy started I have to admit that I lost my sense of time. I was absorbed in the world of pure tones that both engulfed my audio senses, as well as the vibrations that filled the room and covered my body. Eric uses tuning forks, a tibetan signing bowl, and singing to create this tonic and harmonizing experience. The best thing I can compare it to is listening to waves roll over the beach, or taking a walk in the woods on a quiet moonlight night. Something steady, pure, and cleansing poured over me and changed my mood- the heaviness and stress that comes with daily city life got lifted away. I left feeling vibrant, optimistic, and healed; in other words, I was restored to my happy, light and optimistic self. I look forward my next chance to connect through tone to myself with the help of Eric's fantastic therapy.

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